Snapchat was looking for a fun World Lens that showcased the usage of Snapchat in France. We devised both storyline and design and illustrated how the platform can offer brands fun advertising campaigns using the four different formats on Snapchat: Snap Ads, Snap Lens, Snap Filters and Story Ads.

made with ♥ by Orchid Création

Creative Director: Sylvain Brajoux 
Art Director and 3d artist:  Bernat Casasnovas 
3d Artists & post-production: Thais Altés, Néstor Ramos, Gerard Bernal 
Animation Estudio Lens Snapchat: Ariel García 
Project Manager: Elisa Martínez 
Graphic Designer: Baptiste Michard 
Motion Graphic Designer: Clément Herveau

Snapchat Lens