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October Girls - Zine
October Girls is a colective of drawings based on Jake Parker's 2018 Inktober prompt list. It started as a daily drawing challenge, but since the responses I got were really good, I decided to make a zine out of these drawings. All original drawings in the zines are drawn on Canson XL Mix-Media in A5 size, with calligraphy pen dipped in Winsor & Newton china ink. The background pictures were privately mine, some taken from my past trips. Also, each drawing in this zine is scanned & presented with little to no alteration from the original.
Day 1 - Poisonous: Inspired by a type of poisonous butterfly with black beautiful patterns on its wings
Day 2 - Tranquil: My favorite tranquility: lounging with books and coffee all day long
Day 3 - Roasted: "What. did. you. say?"
Day 4 - Chicken: "I'm not chicken, at least not anymore."
Chicken in the other word is tied with cowardly. I'm trying to play along with the message of fear & braveness.
Day 5 - Spell: "You have long gone... but I think I'm still under your spell."
Day 6 - Drooling: "Drooling over you." (in a little stalker-ish creepy way)
Day 7 - Exhausted: A reminder for everyone and myself to take a break every once in a while.
Day 8 - Star: "Where did she go?"
"She got carried away by the stars."
"But I didn't get to say goodbye..."
"Me too..."

Day 9 - Precious: "All is yours."
"...I don't think I'll ever be ready to give up mine."
Day 10 - Flowing: Dancing away with the flow
Day 11 - Cruel: I'll write a book titled "An Abomination of The Book Highlighter" next.
Also p.s. no books were harmed in the making.
Day 12 - Whale: Instead of ocean, I was imagining the whale swimming in the starry night sky instead.
Day 13 - Guarded: The idea of people hand-in-hand trying to protect something precious
Day 14 - Clock: The Clock of Life
Day 15 - Weakness: "I was a broken vase."
"That doesn't matter to me."
"But there are so many perfect one out there. Why did you pick me?"
"You're just as perfect now and the flowers are beautiful in you all the same."
"Yes, you are."
Day 16 - Angular: A girl tried to fit in the society's little box. She got bored pretty fast and it was also so cramped in there, so she left.
Day 17 - Swollen: Swelling with unnecessary anxiety: me once in a while
Day 18 - Bottle: Inspired by the song Message In A Bottle by The Police
Day 19 - Scorched: Experimented a little on this one, using multiple over-lapping lines to convey bright light. This, altough simple, is one of my favorite drawing so far in this zine.
Day 20 - Breakable: We are all the bondage of sin. Almost impossible to break, but through Him everything is possible. Inspired by Matthew 19:26.
Day 21 - Drained: Introverts a few minutes in a party be like, "Dear extroverted people, I know it's early, but I think I'm going home soon."
Day 22 - Expensive: Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Know your worth.
Inspired by Psalm 139:14
Day 23 - Muddy: Muddle-headed: also me sometimes.
Day 24 - Chop: "If it gets ugly... chop it down."
Day 25 - Prickly: "Dear my beloved, I am sorry that I can be quite prickly sometimes."
Most of the time, we only show our prickliest side to people we loved the most or are the the closest to us.
Day 26 - Stretch: "Stretching out of my limit."
Well, honestly that's me everyday during this inktober challenge
Day 27 - Thunder: This is inspired by the idiom "thuder stealer", which means someone who steal credits/ ideas/ attention from you. Based on that, I tried to draw a villain figure in a seemingly warning poster.
Day 28 - Gift: I always believe that talent is a gift. It's given to us for specific purposes we have to achieve in life. It's our life time struggle then, to faithfully answer that calling or to neglect it altogether.
Day 29 - Double: "Am I seeing double?"
Day 30 - Jolt: "Jolt of happiness. Whenever we meet again."
The special feeling I'm sure every long-distanced couple has been through.
Day 31 - Slice: As a creative, I am so lucky that I got to share slices of my life; thoughts & ideas through my works to my audiences.
From all of those drawings, I produced a small zine titled October Girls, limited to 100 pieces. My favorite part of the zine is the orange threaded binding. Each zine is numbered and signed, and has all sold out within the three weeks open pre-order period.
October Girls - Zine

October Girls - Zine

October Girls is a limited zine consist of a collective drawings inspired by Jake Parker's inktober 2018 prompts.


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