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    A visual exploration of sensory experiences
Sensorium: The World of Our Senses
Creativity is not a rational. It is not a step by step, defined process.
Creativity is fluid, its an experience.
Rather than following a logical method to create, Sensorium turns to sensory experiences for inspiration. 
The following zine of Sensorium is inspired by the sense of smell and converts smells into sights.
It converts the smell of paint, sweat, petrol, orange, detergent and perfume into visuals. 
Paint smells like little circles, rough drops and strokes.
Sweat smells like a hairy beast, take a gun and shoot him.
Petrol smells of grease and dying birds.
Orange smells like tapping feet and the autumn breeze. 
Detergent smells like crumpled chemicals.
Perfumes smell like expensive flowers.