During the first days of November of the year 2018, we were informed that we had been selected by the technical committee, as one of 10 projects to be presented to a jury of select ones for the "Future mobility contest" launched by ITAL DESIGN, looking to select the most innovative projects for the mobility of the future.

Our goal was to establish a cleaner, smarter and more organic vision of cities, taking into account the future development of pre-existing technologies, the social, cultural, environmental and political changes of the years to come, and of course the design considerations that we believe necessary for a better future.

Although we were not awarded, it is a project that we are proud of, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The project is divided into two parts:

In the first part, we can see the running of the years until 2070 (the reason for the contest is theoretically, the celebration of 100 years of ITAL DESIGN). so it is a mixture of true facts established in the future (mostly political (environmental treaties), with the socio-cultural consequences that it brings), and the projection of technologies that are in use today, but have not yet made the leap in quality and acceptance among users (autonomous handling, magnetic levitation, self balancing vehicles, kinetic energy, etc.). laying the foundations for the development of future mobility design.

In the second part, we tell a story.
We want the design to live in our families even in the future, so we invite you to get to know it.
ITAL DESIGN FMC proposal / UEVO - Urban Evolution