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    Personal Speakers Concept
Small, funny and easy to carry, these personal speakers, specially thought and designed for young adults, are connected with wireless technology to any sound device. They intend to be twice original: they play with the relationship between one person and his/her “pet” speaker and they can be assembled to increase the surrounding sound, as the number of guests in the area grows, or to allow them to share a “common” sound, despite they are in different spaces.
The speakers have a basic shape that allows a versatile assembly to build “walls” or “towers”, almost like a game, expanding and multiplying the final volume. The way to assemble ensures a smaller dispersion of the sound of the speakers put together, by constraining the sound orientation.
Each speaker becomes distinguishable, even at a distance, thanks to an original concept called MEDION ID, where the combination of color and texture will turn into the owner´s owns identity. The buyer may choose both the color of the plastic “shell” and the color and texture of the fabric that covers the grid. The possibility of laser engraving a name, a sentence or even a small sketch in one of the faces of the speaker, makes each one a unique object to cherish and protect.​
Work with: Steffen Rückert, Anna Karin Nehls