School of Motion Animation Bootcamp (summary)
School of Motion Animation Bootcamp .. / Summary
(as Joey sais) Every frame counts ..
This season (winter 2018) I signed up to ´Animation Bootcamp´ by School of Motion - a pretty intense 8 week course, teaching both the animation fundamentals and AE animation techniques - and packed with a lot of information and examples (in a huge amount of pre-recorded lessons and/or podcasts by Joey Korenman).
The course was not easy at all - lots to learn, and many long hours spent on exercises ..
But - every single minute of that ´hard work´ was worth it, loved it.

Comming from ´still imagery´ background (Photoshop /design / illustration / photography ..) & being more of AE generalist -
I already had ´some´ basic animation experience, before the course - but - was still kind of missing something - a ´predictable´ and/or ´conscious´ control over my keyframes .. while (more or less) just randomly tweaking them, hoping for the best.
That has changed now - completely.
As for motion design / 2D AE animation - I can animate (almost) everything I can think of, now ..
Beyond my own expectations.

So - here I am sharing ´my attempts / assignments, as we were taken through the lessons during the course.
(Note: All exercises / static project files /assets were provided by SoM, so as we can ´concentrate´ just on the animation part.
I ´tweaked/redesigned´ the look of some, a bit, though .. )
Space Explorer (Intro to Animation Fundamentals - timing /spacing /squash&stretch - Animate CC .. )
Step Three (Value graph basics, first attempts .. )
Dogfight (Introduction to Speed graph)
Here we were given the assets (planes) - and were asked to animate them flying - so as the yellow one avoids any collision with any of the other ones. Speed graph was a bit of a challenge (or a pain, I should say, initially), but with a bit of a practice it started to work pretty nicely, soon.

Dreidels Cubes (exploring anticipation, overshoot & oscillations for elastic/jelly moves .. )
Cow Blaster (Shooting poor ´Alien´ cows - to practice the opposite - rigid / machine-like /technical type of motion)
Bouncy Bounces (introduction to ´bouncing´ & practicing different behavior of different weight /characteristics of a ball)
NUDL (Intro to Duik & follow-through practice)
Brainhole DEUX (evaluation exercise, second take .. )
Pong Challenge (Here we had a chance to practice a real world physics as a part of 2D animation / gravity, weight, inertia, anticipation/action/reaction .. We were provided with a static scene - and were asked to ´think´ of our own short (few seconds) match scenario - and animate it.
So .. here´s my version .. 

Circle society (reinforce movement introduction)
The Ministry of Eye Control (Intro to ´eye trace´ - directing the viewer´s eye across the scene)
Be the Ice Sculptor / Final project
Design note: We were provided with a storyboard & all assets - (see at the very bottom) - so as we could start animating straight away.
I made it a bit more complicated for myself, though - and also decided to ´re-design the look´ a bit, too (designed my own style / illustrations /assets) - so the assets/storyboard provided in the course was used just as a guide here.
With a real client work - I wouldn´t be allowed (nor even tempted) to do that - but - here - with a luxury of not being a client work (and/or as a designer/illustrator myself) I wanted to give it a try ..

A bit more info about the final project / Making-of

Storyboard ..
School of Motion Animation Bootcamp (summary)

School of Motion Animation Bootcamp (summary)

School of Motion Animation Bootcamp (summary) ..


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