UI Collection 2018


Redesign of well-known book sharing platform which allows to catalogue, annotate and review books. 

Coin Tracker
cryptocurrency, ANALYTICS

A mobile app that helps you manage your cryptocurrency portfolio wherever you are, whenever you want. Coin Tracker was designed and developed in just two days of the hackathon.


Benti is a web app which helps you to find mentions of your keywords all over the Internet.

Vaultoro 2.0

Vaultoro is a platform where you can trade gold by selling your cryptocurrencies easily. This app has opened up the gold market, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of financial background.


Cobo is a future of the crypto wallets. This application allows users to safely manage and earn crypto wealth in one place.

SEO Agency

Landing page for SEO agency with a long history of delivering great results for their clients. Depending on a case, they may focus on SEO or dig more into PPC, social media or optimize conversion.

Virtual Hotel Concierge
booking, travel

Virtual Hotel Concierge allows users to book hotel's amenities without contacting the hotel's staff. Also, the product uses beacons navigation to make the hotel guest's experience even easier and better.

Fitness, running

Redesign of Polar app which turns your smartphone into a personal trainer. This platform helps you to get organized, motivated and social.

Sales management platform

Online sales performance management tool. The goal of this platform is to manage and motivate the sales team in an effective way.

Wine Searcher

Search for wine, buy wine, find inspirations and learn about it! Wine searcher is an infinite source of knowledge about wine dedicated to all the wine lovers!


Molecule.one makes universal working environment software for synthetic planning chemists. Users can draw a molecule, get it analysed by the algorithms and find best way to make it.

Crypto Wallet

Design of a Crypto Wallet that allows you to preview your cryptocurrencies with it! Simple and easy, that's what most of the users needs.

Flight Booking

One app to get you inspired, book and store all your flight tickets. Explore locations, plan your trip and book tickets all in one handy app!

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UI Collection 2018