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Sound Out, simply put, is a game of pronouncing words with sounds instead of spelling them with letters. Many people hear that and say, “ Duh! That’s what talking is!” And yes, of course it is! But what many fluent English speakers forget, and most any English learner’s know well, is that spelling and pronunciation are often wildly different.

Spelling games have long been a staple in the tabletop gaming community. Sound Out offers a parallel twist on some old classics by simply playing with the other half of language - the spoken half, rather than the written half.

There are five different gameplays featuring Classic, Crossword, Time Challenge, Rummy and Go Fish, making Sound Out a great game choice for a variety of occasions. Each of the gameplay options share the same fundamentals of competing for points by combining individual sounds to “sound out” words. ​​​​​​​

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Brand Identity

The Sound Out identity is based on abstracted sound waves, referencing the "sound" in "Sound Out" and the phonetic alphabet. The branding system is constituted of nine illustrations that make up the Sound Out pattern – appearing on all collateral – in static and animated form. This pattern manifests in the word-mark and peripheral visuals.

A bespoke mark evokes the act of speech through its form and snappy animation.
Lockup & animated word-mark



Instruction sheet & phonetic chart

Cards — Vowel card, face & consonant card, back

Cards — Vowel card, back & consonant card, face

Color variations


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Art Direction & Design
Burton Booz

game Concept & Development — Creative Direction
Noah Booz and Ryan Deputy

Web development
Rohan Mathur

Packaging Development & Manufacturing

Sound Out is a property of Twisted Diction, was started on Kickstarter, and is now available on Amazon.

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Sound Out

Sound Out

Branding and packaging design for Sound Out®, A Game for All Talks of Life! Sound Out is the first tabletop game of sound spelling. Each card re Read More

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