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    illustrations for the fiction: 《brave new world》. the fiction was written by Aldous Huxley. include 1 cover design draft and 3 illustrations.
Those are the illustrations for the fiction: <brave new world>. 
the fiction was written by Aldous Huxley.
include 1 cover design draft and 3 illustrations.
In the beginning, I just do some research about the story, and keep on reading the fiction. It seems like the final 3 illustrations should put on different party, so the best way is from the begin and middle, and the end. And I was interesting about the comparison of content. The different feeling between reservation and future new world.
size: 240mm × 351mm
software: SAI, Photoshop

This is the book Cover's rough draft..I draw two figures. One is John, with whip and Shakespeare’s Book. The bottom figure is Bernard as a symbol of new world.SOMA and test-tube baby in his hand. what's more I tried to match them in the middle of the image, some parts of body are consecutive.    
size: 240mm × 160mm
software: SAI, Photoshop
quote: “To-morrow,” he would add, smiling at them with a slightly menacing geniality, “you’ll be settling down to serious work. You won’t have time for generalities. Meanwhile .” Meanwhile, it was a privilege. Straight from the horse’s mouth into the notebo- ok. The boys scribbled like mad. 

this is the first one, just want show how the laboratory looks like. wet, cold and filled with red light. and the students become the main element of the image, they worship of the authority. insensitive and insignificant.
size: 240mm × 160mm
software: SAI, Photoshop


quote: “Shifts might come and go, one lupus-coloured face give place to another; majestically and for ever the conveyors crept forward with their load of future men and women. ”(CHAPTER 3 )

This picture is about the future city, the numb people daily commute, I try to make the atmosphere more cold and stressful.
size: 240mm × 160mm
software: SAI, Photoshop


quote:“ they had tramped out a strange limping dance round the square; round and again round, singing as they went, round and round-each time a little faster ”

This part is In the middle of story, about the scene of dancing in reservation. The savages dance with strange mask, and using snake as sacrifice. I made this picture colorful. Compare with the future world. It looks anxious but freely and brightly.
size: 240mm × 160mm
software: SAI, Photoshop


quote:“Then, in unison and on a slow, heavy rhythm, “We-want-the whip,” shouted a group at the end of the line. “We-want-the whip.”They were all crying together; and, intoxicated by the noise”

Than the final one is a combine with both sides, the future unforgiving people surround John, and shout to him, keep pressuring him. The people also use more cold color, and looks strange, and John more looks helpless. But still in brightly. Than I decided to let the words appear around John, just like the cry overwhelm him.
The Chinese Edition
Published by Beijing Yanshan Press. 
hardbound cover
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