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    New painting 'Rock Bottom' by Malachi Maloney.
“Rock Bottom”
12x16 oil on masonite.
I had this lil’ back story I came up with playing in the back of my mind while working on this piece.  The story goes as follows…
Superman loses his powers.  Lois, being the shallow female that she is, leaves him because she wasn’t in love with Clark. She was in love with the Man of Steel.  His heart broken, he begins to binge drink, goes to a scummy tattoo parlor and gets her name blasted on his neck to show his undying love for her.  He goes to her apt to show her what he’s done and finds she’s already moved on and has a new man in her life.  He goes bananas and ends up at a bar drowning his sorrows in booze.  Since his loss of powers is well known he starts getting harassed by the local scumbags at the bar.  They beat him senseless and exit him from the bar using his head to open the door.  He’s then arrested for public drunkenness and this is where we find him in the painting; being processed into central booking.  Poor Super…