Brand identity: Restomarket


You can't prevent people
from eating in style

Restomarket is an official supplier of designer tableware of St. Petersburg restaurants. The company has asked us to create a house style which would underline and expose the brand mood, the service quality and the designer approach to the product.

While working on the logo, we have addressed ourselves to European stylistics of quality symbols and stamps – hence the choice of color and shape. Now the logo itself – the mark of the top quality of products. The sign tells about the professionalism with which the company approaches selection of the range of products and work with customers.

When developing the packing, we emphasized the main thing – the product.

We showed the material and the texture of plates, glasses and cutlery in detail.

Laying the table dictates strict rules and the order of arrangement of objects. These principles became the basis of the house style structure.

The elements are built according to the modular grid. In the cells there are photographs of tableware, description and the logo. This is a recognizable marker of the style, which help put the content in order and unite the carriers into single aesthetics.


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Brand identity: Restomarket
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