District in Rublevo-Arkhangelsk
                                                                                            Typology: District
                                                                                            Status: Realized
                                                                                            Location: Moscow, Russia
                                                                                            Customer (Architecture): MaxWan
                                                            Visualization: Omega Render
                                                                                            Completion Time: 2 weeks
We have completed a large-scale work on the visualization of a new district project in Moscow as part of the Smart City Sberbank competition - a masterplan for the development of the territory in Rublevo-Arkhangelsk.  The concept of planning solutions and architecture was developed by by MADMA urbanism + landscape.
The project was developed by a consortium led by MADMA urbanism + landscape in collaboration with MASA architects, Novaya Zemlya, APEX, MIC - Mobility in Chain, Ilya Mochalov and partners.
The district is designed in a single modern style. The architecture of buildings is dominated by simple cubic forms. Metal, wood and glass in the decoration of houses are perfectly combined with numerous greenery and the river.
Uniquely designed squares and embankments are something new for Moscow. Gardening plays a special role in this area, there is a lot of it here. You will see trees and bushes everywhere and even on buildings.
In our work, we conveyed the cozy atmosphere of a clean, green and modern district.
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