A.DEPT Branding

Life in the order of things

We were contacted by a team of young architects with unique philosophy and their own vision of the way of life of a modern person. We have created A.DEPT architect’s bureau in close collaboration.

The name has a double interpretation. On the one hand it is an “a.dept” – a follower of a doctrine, an expert. On the other hand it is an abbreviation of an “architectural department”.

We have also created a platform, formulated the mission, positioning, character and strategic vision of the brand. All this has become the basis of the graphic concept.

Container sign image is individual for each employee, project and direction.

We have created unique project albums, with the help of which it became easy and effective to present complex concepts and drawings to the clients.

The sign and elements of the house style remain recognizable on all carriers.


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A.DEPT Branding
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