is a 'Design Communication' project that took me about a week and a half to complete. After analysing countless non-latin writing systems I decided to explore the 'Runic' system, paying close attention to the character forms. With that done, I began to modify the 'typeface' with one main inspiring question in mind - what if I were to 'update' the Rune marking system to contemporary Street Art?


// After testing out some possible typographic styles I opted to develop the runes in a more 'illustrative' style.
// With the concept finalised I reproduced the revamped Runes onto plastic card, which I then cut using a manual pillar drill and craft knife. The stencils were then touched up using modelling files.
// Creating a poster to was the next part of the 'Reurbanised Runes' project. Keeping the Street Art concept in mind, I opted to experiment with Reverse Graffiti, a form of mark-making that involves an artist cleaning up the dirt layer on stone or previous graffiti. In this case, I united two stone slabs and arranged the stencils in a radial fashion.

// I then photographed the typographic elements and created the final 'Reurbanised Runes' poster, adding an extract from the ancient Norse song describing Odin's discovery of the Runic Alphabet. I wanted to incorporate this particular section of the narrative into the final poster design.