I have always been fascinated by words, the way in which they are composed, their
history and the way they fit and disentangle among different meanings.
Especially in my mother language, Italian, whom I love deeply. In this project I started from the word "inquinamento" (pollution) with an etymological research, analyzing the origin and meaning of the word.
Pollution is a change in an environment caused by external causes.
The word "inquinare" (Italian for "polluting") comes from Latin and is composed of "in" and "quinare" (which means "evacuate") and that the ancients derived from "cuna", used to refer to children who are in the cradle.
Others have also suggested a Indo-European derivation and specifically from
"gnoj" (decomposition).
Pollution can be understood in many different declinations:
air, noise, heat, light, architectural, genetic, electromagnetic, but also of mind. In this case we speak of corruption and moral decay, degeneration, immorality, depravity, dishonesty.
Or even tampering of evidence, manipulation of evidence in favor of someone (in Italian: "inquinamento delle prove" = evidence pollution). So tampering and diversion.
I decided to enclose the work in a personal book, with an appropriate graphic work, and create a flip book to show the process that leads from the purity to the decomposition, from beginning to end. Process that I wanted to show reversible.
Flip book

I have identified six interesting synonyms of pollution: contamination, tampering, infection, poisoning, alteration and decomposition and its opposite: the purity.
I decided to explain the pollution with these eight words and to represent the ambiguity of this issue through a series of photographs.
Was important the phase of photo retouching, different for each photograph.
I also decided to give further addition, manually drawing over photographs to mark even more concepts that I wanted to represent. I drawn on a transparent sheet over the photograph so as to allow to add or remove the drawing.

The use of my body and my hand drawing allowed me to made the project more personal and physical.
I think it's interesting that the origin of the word pollution, the baby in the cradle, has been transformed into myself that almost drowns in a tub increasingly polluted and poisoned.
Each chapter / word begins with a symbol that resembles the chemical symbols and the dictionary page in which is contained the definition of that word. Here, too, I used a manual deletion of the words, similar to information pollution and distortion, but they can be reported to the truth. This is a very popular topic today and this deletion process creates unexpected and diverted phrases, changing the original meaning. Is terrible and curious what you can find in a dictionary. 
purezza (purity)
inquinamento (pollution)
contaminazione (contamination)
manomissione (tampering)
infezione (infection)
avvelenamento (poisoning)
alterazione (alteration)
decomposizione (decomposition)
After this work, I changed my concept of pollution and now I see it as all that ruin, like forgetting the origin of a word or the history that has led us to be what we are today.