Technology will be indistinguishable from our future selves, how do we build technology with humanity? How can we harness our creativity to imagine a better world. The future is intimate, and it’s already here.

IMMERSION - is our short movie for Pause Fest 2019 / Motion response

We moving towards the future where our personal data belongs to the corporations. People remember what machines remind them. Thinking of what they are suggested to think. And are dreaming of what companies assembled for them. Persons aren't masters of their personalities. The true identity is hidden in the data centers and secured by algorithms. But is it safe to have an identity without the filters?

Production: Subframe
Direction: Mikhail Sedov, Andrey Nepomnyashev
Creative Direction: Mikhail Sedov
Story board: Andrey Nepomnyashev
CG Artists: Mikhail Sedov, Vasiliy Filileev
CG Supervisor: Vasiliy Filileev
Montage: Andrey Nepomnyashev
Sound design: Blink Audio

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