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    It’s time to draw a line under 2018. Mural works by Dilk & Feros.
"Flying painter"
By Dilk & Feros. Tbilisi, Georgia, 2018.

Work based on the figure "Flying painter" by the Georgian artist Petre Otskheli (1907-1937) Many thanks to the managers for the warm welcome Georg Fit and Sandro Kvantaliani, the sponsors of the project, and all the people who helped us with the project implementation.

"One Sky" 
By Dilk & Feros. Drogobych, Ukraine, 2018.

It is mural about the present, past and future of Ukraine.
Photo: Yuriy Stebelskiy and Ira Mutka
By Dilk, Feros and Arm. Lviv, Ukraine, 2018.

The things that surround us - form us. We collect a bunch of unnecessary information and material things. Sometimes they start to interfere, and we pull them over and it's hard for us to go with all that baggage. But man wants to accumulate more and more. In today's flow of information, it is increasingly difficult to maintain your identity and refuse excess. Thanks everybody for support.

By Dilk & Feros. Tbilisi, Georgia, 2018.

Time or money are the main things people think about in the modern world. Often forgetting about what surrounds us. The main character of the mural symbolizes the spirit of nature. When a person finds a balance with nature, she finds a balance with herself.

Mural made for Niko Festival in Tbilisi. Photo: Natia Gelantia.

Thanks for taking a look.