Editoral Publication, typeface Design, image creation,and logo design
Emperical is a 101-page publication. The publication provides a collection of articles, essays, and interviews about experimental design processes such as creative coding, computation, and scanner manipulation. The supporting typography and imagery includes manipulated and distorted typography and images that apply experimental methods. The publication also includes a photo essay where I created imagery based off of these experimental methods of design. Emperical aims to change the way readers perceive “mistakes” and use them as inspiration for creating visual innovation.
Adobe indesign - layout 
Adobe illustrator  - typeface design, and  typography
Adobe photoshop- image editing, image manipulation, and distorting typography  
The process of creating Empirical:

Logo & Cover Design
The Logo was created using protypio, then further 
edited into illustrator. Each variation varies slightly 
in line weight and in the curve. 

The cover was created through manipulating a photo of my dog 
in photoshop by playing with the hue, and. using the liquify tool.
The logo is placed on a belly band around the cover.

Typeface Design
To create a unique palette, I used protoypo, a typeface design 
program, to create “Emperical” typeface. After exporting the typeface
I found the type distorted for a few seconds whenever I enlarged the 
size in Indesign. Although this was a program error, I loved the glitchy 
effect and wanted. to use this so called "mistake" as part of my publication. 
Leading me to screen shot and vectorized each section header.​​​​​​​

Section Dividers
The publication has 6 sections, experimental imagery, distorted typography, 
experimental designers, an interview, photo essay and creating the section dividers.
For the section dividers I decided to use the same image (of my dog) and 
manipulate the image different depending on the section. I distorted the image 
through scanner manipulation, code editing, and photoshop. 

Photo Essay, Image generation, and distortion
The overall theme for the Photo Essay is emotions based off 
of the question "how are you". Each image is created through a 
combination of manipulated scanner functions and code with photoshop 
editing. These processes result in a unique movement through 
intentional “mistakes.” 

Additional Layouts Throughout the Publication



Emperical is a publication I made for my typography 3 final, the magazine is about Experimental art making.