• CORE is a transdisciplinary project created and developped by 3 graphic designers and a programmer, all students, within a larger project called Écoute Voir organized by ESAG Penninghen, Hetic and La Gaité Lyrique, the famous French digital museum.
    Inspired by the idea of the primitive sound and the traditionnal transe rituals throughout the world, Core is a pre-birth experience. Functioning as an artificial synaesthesia, Core invites you to listen to your heartbeat with your eyes : humans conscious of their own frequency, of their intimate resonance.
  • Please use quality speakerphones or headphones in order to hear the low and deep frequency of the heart.
    Q: What is CORE's purpose?
    A: To answer a question we had in mind while facing the beginning of the project : is heartbeat the primitive sound, the basic vibration that resonates in humans mind?
    Q:How does it work?
    A: Using a sound amplificator and a piezo microphone, we built an electronic stethoscope that transmit the signal to a computer. There, a flash-built program uses the frequency to determine the modifications to the user's image, filmed by a webcam, and projects it inside the cocoon.
    Q: Why build a cocoon?
    A: We wanted to bring back the user the closest possible to a state of isolation. As you are alone in the placenta, you shall be alone in this experience to focus your attention on the swell of the heart and the disruption of your image.
    If you have other questions, we would be happy to answer it.

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