The Intern Times
The Intern Times is a collaboration between Farid Balian and Widad Ismail. Both students are undergraduates from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. The idea behind this self-promotion newspaper has a tinge of guerilla tactic. It is suppose to look like a regular newspaper, and unsuspecting creative directors will pick it up and to their suprise, to see the works of these two students.

The Content
The content consists of both ungraduates influences in design, inspiration, music interests, travel stories, and academic design projects. They thought it is better to sell their personality and why they deserve to intern for future design studios.

The Style
In order for the paper to be convincing, it is written in a news writing tone. It's straight and direct.

Both students came across problems in creating the newspaper. From spelling errors, page numbers, going through journal 101 within two days, and attempting to write convincing articles was definitely not easy for the both of them. 

The Intern TImes, Self-Promotion