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Mickey Mouse & Rabbit
‘Mickey Mouse & Rabbit’ 
21x15in (54x39cm) 
Mickey Mouse is an iconic image worldwide and we all grew up with his cartoons and comics. In anyone’s hands, he becomes reflective of one’s own ego, so I made my own Mickey with the rabbit. Mickey’s like a role model for creative people, and also an anti-role model - Mickey in his own life was a tiny little self like you and me. And there you have the rabbit. The rabbit is art as fantasy, it’s an image of how modern days’ anxieties and desires can really be. In daily life, most of the time we have to become our own role model. We have to pull ourselves through, clarify our desires, and try again. Other people can’t help us with this. Whereas these pop art characters are like super-heroes, they resonate with us and we keep moving, expanding them into our own space. Through this we can communicate with people as an audience or as viewers of art.​​​​​​​
Mickey Mouse & Rabbit