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Following in the step of Exhibition Design, the latest publication Exhibition Design 2 brings readers up to date on current developments in this evolving field. With the best recent installations, through full-color pictures plans and 3D visuals, this book shows how exhibition design projects have evolved into a perfect demonstration of architectural art to present an idea or a product; to communicate its meaning; to show its beauty; and, ideally, to increase sales. Different from the previous edition, Exhibition Design 2 is divided into chapters based on market sector of the clients: commerce, culture, industry and miscellaneous, ranging from small-scale booths to large pavilions-bundled in on hefty book of 348 pages.The projects were selected from all over the world and include work of ATELIER BRÜCKNER, Atelier Markgraph , DGT, Ippolito Fleitz Group and Uniplan.
Language: English
Release Time: Jul.2012
Price: $ 96.95 USD
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