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INKTOBER 2018 Creatures from the Dungeon (Part II)
"Creatures from the dungeon...and their stories"

Day 16: Kimikh Caldú, the potions maker.
Despite of, because of a burn on his tongue when he was trying one new recipe, his potions are never correctly salted, Caldú is considered the best potions master of the Westland.
He travels through the dungeons only in good weather, because his bones count 127 years and, unfortunately, there is no potion to fix it.

Day 17: Quyliu, the Assassin.
Getting a reputation as a 100% professional assassin was not easy for this girl. 
To get it, she had to stick to two basic principles: 
1- Never reject a job, whatever it was, if it was well paid. 
2- Never fail a job once accepted. 
Good principles, except if a pair of funny jokers offers you a big bag of gold for killing one target: You.
And there ended Quyliu, but her reputation lasts...

Day 18: Nyec, the dragon killer and Fayya the dragon-killer killer. 
After years killing dragons, the old dragon-killer Nyec wanted to kill a last dragon, the old Fayya the dragon-killer killer, and thus become Nyec the dragon that kills dragon killers killer. 
Hissed with arrogance, he did not take into account his own age, nor the rumors about strange orc wheels, nor that an old dragon is still a dragon... 

Day 19: Catnip, the druid. 
There was a time when she went through the dungeons, frightening everyone by summoning Firetooth Tigers and Scaled Panthers. 
But time passed and her powers diminished, so she retreated to a little house in the forest, where she frightens every traveler who crosses her abandomed yard by summoning fat cats with sharp nails. 
They are not very dangerous, but she has infinite ammunition...

Day 20: Puajh the Ghoul.
When he discovered that little kid lost in the dungeon, Puajh's first thought was which part he would eat first. 
But then the boy looked at him without any fear, with those big eyes and said "I'm hungry", while taking his hand. Puajh felt a warmth in his chest that he had never felt and gave him his last soldier's leg.
Later he ate the kid, of course, not even love changes your nature, and he had no more legs to eat. But for the first time he cried while doing it.

Day 21: Wraz, the Hom monk. 
Hom monks were an order that based all their fighting power on the control, through meditation and calm, of the great astral energies of the Universe. 
Maybe they misinterpreted the prophecy, maybe they should have waited until he was an adult, but the fact is that teaching that power to a respondent and angry teenager like Wraz was not one of their best ideas... A little fight for not sweeping the atrium meant the end of Wraz, the order, the temple and a couple of neighboring towns.

Day 22: Luvha, Queen of the Wof Wof.
The Wof Wof are warrior women who raise their combat wolves from puppies and ride them from one year to their death.
They never get off their wolf without first tying it, because they are trained to gut everything in the ground.
Maybe Queen Luvha should have tied herself to the chair ... or trained Maniac Squatter to warn before lifting his leg.

Day 23: Aysiol the fortune-teller.
The words "fortune-teller" are too big for this untalented pipsqueak, since without his crystal ball, bloodily stolen years ago, he couldn't tell any fortune.
He used the ball to get rich, opening a betting house in the dungeon. Those who entered, bet triple or nothing if they would leave again ... but Aysiol already knew the answer. Easy money.
Soon he limited the use of the ball to the business, feared that it could lose power if he overused it... So he did not see that this time he would be the one not leaving the dungeon again.

Day 24: Anne Vil the Blacksmith. 
Since her earliest childhood, Anne was surrounded by forges, hammers, anvils and red-hot iron. 
From her mother, she inherited her passion for working the iron, all her tools and a powerful arm to hammer. From his father, the gift of making the worst swords of the empire. 
Despite this, her forge is still opened, partly because if you break your weapon, there are no more blacksmiths inside the dungeon, partly because no one wants to be punched by her...

Day 25: S'moll, Princess of the Rikrak.
The Rikrak are a tiny race that settled in the dungeons centuries ago, after a plague of troll-rats ravaged their territory.
Despite their size, they are fierce defenders of their territory. If someone ventures to enter the room they occupy, they quickly ride against his feet, cutting heels, phalanges and ankles fiercely.
Because the Rikrak hate problems, but they even hate feet more... not in vain feet are the first cause of death among their people.

Day 26: Sir Walrus and Madame Ostrich, the tourists. 
Do you want to feel the tension of combat without any risk? Do you want to smell the blood, the fear and feel the agonizing cries of the most frightening creatures while you take a glass of Brewdur in good company? 
Now with DungeON you can do it! With our magical protection dome, tour the intricate corridors of our dungeon and enjoy the greatest bloody spectacle in the western empire! 
Send NOW your slave to reserve your tour, it costs less gold bags than you think! 
DungeON is not responsible for any injury or amputation that occurs if you take any limb outside the dome.

Day 27: Mardh'er and Yori'k'ha, of the Zit Ouch Agh.
The Zit Ouch Agh are a tribe that occupies the rainforests of the southern empire. They have the tradition of tattooing a mark on their body for each enemy killed with the poisoned darts of their blowgun.
Mardh'er was a legendary warrior of this tribe, he spent years going through different dungeons, knocking down innumerable enemies. So many fell, that there was no place in his body for just one more tattoo, so he had to start tattooing them on the body of his son Yori'k'ha. 
It became clear that day that the only legendary thing in Yori'k'ha's case would be his bad temper ... and his little resistance to pain.

Day 28: Quihnsais, the giant.
Few dungeons have a giant, you have to capture them when they are "small", that is, when they can pass through the doors, and feed them to grow ... and it is not usually profitable to feed a giant.
Quihnsais was a very famous giant. Hundreds of warriors lined up in his dungeon, hoping to be the ones who finally killed the giant, but they only increased his fame and appeased his hunger (for a while). But, my friend, his great fame was his sad end, the warriors got tired of trying, the dungeon became slowly empty until its doors closed and Quihnsais remained there, enclosed by his own greatness.

Day 29: Ghlut'ng, the chef.
In the depths of the dungeon you will smell fear, blood ... and the last stew of Ghlut'ng the troll. 
Tired of the taste of raw meat, Ghlut'ng began experimenting with cooking when he discovered little spice bags in the pockets of a corpse. Since then he brings them everywhere and is slowly adding more spices to his collection.
Despite the repulsive smell of his stews, many monsters come to his lair in hunger times... But you better praise the taste of what he cooks ... or the next day you could be what he cooks.

Day 30: Phreggon the cleaner. 
In spite of the dangers, the combats and the countless deaths, the dungeon is still just an attraction for those that are looking for strong emotions... and somebody has to keep the attraction clean. 
That's why, when the dungeon closes after each campaign, Phreggon goes out to collect the remains, scrub the blood and perfume the rooms to leave everything ready for the next batch of brainle... of heroes who try the assault. 
It is not a bad job, nobody bothers him and sometimes the bats help with the puddles of blood.

Day 31: Eva, Fermín, Paco and Raquel, the role players. 
Nothing in the dungeon provoke more fear than these legendary creatures. They appear from time to time, with different physiques, races and even sexes, but with a common factor, their hesitant speaking, their erratic way of acting and their illogical decisions. 
With low stealth, no subtlety and zero intelligence, they focus on razing everything in its path, either to swords, arrows or fireballs, while emitting strange exclamations as "CRITICAL!" or "PASS ME THE COKE FERMÍN! YOU ALWAYS KEEP THE BOTTLE BESIDES YOU" 
Even so, some creatures feel forced to face them against their will, the few that have survived speak of a voice that gives them orders and refer to it in whispers as... THE MASTER...

INKTOBER 2018 Creatures from the Dungeon (Part II)

INKTOBER 2018 Creatures from the Dungeon (Part II)