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    Brand idea: Let's cook together!
New mayonnaise brand
Client plans to introduce a mayonnaise brand for the young audience to the federal market. One of the tasks of a new product is to change the perception of the whole product category (now mayonnaise is considered as the sign of a low culture of everyday life, something trivial and outdated). New brand is a mayonnaise of the new generation, produced in compliance with modern technologies and quality standards, which is suitable for the modern kitchen.
To create a mayonnaise brand aimed at young modern consumers, who prefer the diversity of dishes and interesting culinary experiments.
Brand idea: Let's cook together!
Mayonnaise is a basis for our culinary experiments. Cooking together is an urban trend and one more way of socialization. To invite friends, to cook something tasty and unusual together, and then have a dinner, chat, watch movies – these are the elements of a certain life-style, and an attractive behavior model for our audience.
Brand name: Big kitchen.
To gather together at one table, a big company needs a big kitchen: there is enough room for everybody, there is something for everyone to do, and nobody will go away hungry! Big kitchen is the field for joint culinary experiments.
Design and package
Characters on the package cook something unusual together like it is depicted in some culinary TV-shows. These very characters become heroes for further brand communications.
The brand is represented by three kinds of mayonnaise in three different packages – 230 ml and 450 ml doy-packs, and 900 ml round container.
Olive mayonnaise.
Classic mayonnaise.
Provencal mayonnaise.
On the reverse of each package – modern recipes with the use of mayonnaise – simple, quick, and suitable for big company.
Each mayonnaise package has its own original details – emotional utterances, pictograms, illustrations, stylized bar-code.
Exhibitions „Packaging Design. Made In Russia“. Moscow Design Museum