Web design, development and Online Marketing for an SMB.
Web Design
A professionally designed website for an SMB company based in London, United Kingdom. The website interface has been carefully designed to provide information in a clear way while improving Conversion Rates among the forms in it.
Communication, Planning and Architecture
Working closely with my client we established a trustful relation where we shared our ideas and planned together the site architecture. Establishing a clear Call to Action into customers selling houses quick.
Optimized conversion rates
I also took care of the whole web coding and development, converting it into a full-featured and highly customizable Wordpress theme completely manageable by my clients, allowing them to update the whole website without any technical knowledge.
Wordpress powered system
QuickSaleBuyer employees can easily adapt, update and modify all the texts and images thanks to the power of a Wordpress system.
Online Marketing Training
I also took care of the Online Marketing campaign and managed to increase the number of leads by 300% as well as the relevancy and quality of the lead itself by narrowing and customizing the ads.
Once QuickSaleBuyer staff was satisfied and glad to have a boost in their business I taught a designated employee on Search Engine Marketing and Google Adwords monitoring so that they can manage the marketing campaigns and keep their successful business as one of the leaders online.

And here's the redesign of the site on February 2014: