MixTape. Sketchbook
MixTape - my first solo exhibition at Nebo Art Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine).
It is dedicated to people, music and mutual influence between them.
One of the showpieces was a sketchbook that consisted of 32 sketches.
Each sketch was created with one person and was dedicated to a certain song.
While creating a sketch we did our best to show our feelings and impression from this song.

Where the wild roses grow (Nick Cave and the bad seeds)

If the car besides you moves ahead (James Blake)

Cellphone’s dead (Beck)

Neighborhood (Arcade fire)

Me and Michael (MGMT)

Весна (ДахаБраха)

Collaba (Ivan Dorn)

By Myself (Linkin Park)

How big, how blue, how beautiful (Florence and the machine)

I looked for you (Balthazar)

D.A.N.C.E. (Justice)

Other voices (LCD soundsystem)

Treshold (Sex Bob mb)

Ascension (Gorillaz)

Can’t buy me love (The Beatles)

Not in love (Crystal Castles)

Africa (Ivan Dorn)

Bohemian Rhapsode (Queen)

Solar System (Crystal fighters)

Black isn’t black (Black angels)

Carte Postale (Slove)

Broken Soldier (Black angels)

Kill v. Maim (Grimes)

Lite Spots (Kaytranada)

Pilgrim (Fink)

Думай позитивно (Кровосток)

U.R. Fever (The Kills)

Spliff (Bilderbuch)

Hollywood (Madonna)

Raining again (Moby)

III Ray the king (Kasabian)

Stay happy (Broken social scene)

Big thanks to every artist who agreed to be a part of this insane project.
Thanks to Alexandra Pogrebnyak and Nebo Art Gallery for inviting me and giving an opportunity to have my personal exhibition.
Special thanks to Art i Ya calligraphy school and Miff Manufacture for helping with organisation.

MixTape. Sketchbook
Multiple Owners
Taras Makar