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Fortune Exotica (Interior)
The project 'Fortune Exotica' is a 4BHK resident of an industrialist person. It has four bedroom spaces, a large living space adjacent to kitchen and dining area and four balconies.
a complete different wall panel is used facing in public living lounge

The central passage is design in such a way that in one side it has a Exposed R.C.C. texture and on the other side a clear glass partition which separating living space from all other spaces.
As per client's needs, we have divided living space into two with a partition to separate them.

The combination of grey sofa and yellow recliners with white ceiling and ivory flooring gives richness to the living space. The L shaped profile light above the sitting breaks the monotonousness of ceiling and gives sharp definition to its form. 
H.S. RAZA's work engraved within partition wall between two living lounge.
The partition between formal sitting and family sitting space in living area is having patterns inspired by the great artist H.S. Raza crafted in it stand out as an artwork. A linear slit has been strategically placed in partition to visually connect both living spaces. ​​​​​​​
one is the public living lounge and other one is private living lounge divided by the partition wall with a slit of glass in between
The prime focus of the project was to give every space a different artistic touch. The client doesn't want to have any sculpture at home so, we treated each wall as a sculpture, as an art work itself. So, wall behind the formal living space, wall of main passage and wall behind dining area are designed with different types of textures.
a different kind of panel finish is used to clad the wall in private living lounge
​​​​​​​The earthen coloured fabric of the furniture with play of bright yellow colour makes the space more playful in living space.
While all bedrooms are having bluish grey coloured wall in combination of white ceiling and ivory flooring gives minimalist taste to the space.
Overall, the project stands out because of play of different textures and colours yet holding its simplicity in terms of designing.
Project: Fortune Exotica
Client: Mitesh Javia
Location: Rajkot, Gujarat, India
Completion Year: 2018
Carpet Up Area: 2800 sq.ft.
Photo credits: Satyam Dave
Fortune Exotica (Interior)