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Honne is a new fashion brand from Barcelona that pays homage to the modern woman, sophisticate and with a free soul. She is timeless, unique and eclectic.

As part of the launch of its new image, the brand commissioned a fashion film from us to explore these values, as well as their relationship to the art world and specifically with sculpture.
The house of the artist Xavier Corberó seemed to us the perfect location for the filming, as the space is also constructed as an artistic project in itself. More than an interior concept, the building resembles a Greek temple where the interior is subordinated to the exterior. A large habitable sculpture whose arches are repeated across the different modules that make up the house, creating an infinite network of impossible and labyrinthine spaces, similar to the imaginary worlds of M.C. Escher.

Influenced by the arches and geometric elements of the house, we decided to use a wheel as a metaphor for the infinite and the eternal, an element that we use to open and close the film in order  to emphasize this idea.

The piece is structured in three parts. During the first two, the wheel and the dancer Rachel Salzman, dressed in clothes from the latest collection, interact and in doing so show us the different spaces of the house. In the third and last part, these two protagonists merge into a final dance before separating again so that we may see the recurring image of the wheel spinning upon itself in a continuous, stable, infinite movement.

Concept / Creative direction: Querida
Director: Nur Casadevall
Production house: Malditos