Created for Lisbon's Urban Art Gallery, the PingAmor project tries to translate the idea of a "message in a bottle"  into love for the environment, for Lisbon, and - why not - for a special person. We designed a postbox bottlebank with a special glass pen and prompted people to share written messages in a bottle in the project's Facebook page (and then recycle them). People responded better than we thought and the project inclusively got some media coverage - maybe because it meant keeping a positive attitude in some very depressing times.
Logo design
Facebook timeline cover
Jorge & Teresa painting it white
And then red
We let César do this for the camera just so people would think he knows how to paint (but he's trying)
A great view
(thanks Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo for letting us use your balcony)
Teresa's steady hand patiently taking care of every detail
Using tape the chance of messing up was greatly reduced (but still we needed Teresa afterwards)
There she is!
The bees and the birds (just the birds in this case though)
Jorge developed a slight case of tendinitis after completing this
Finally done!
And the back with the instructions (and the pen)
Teresa placing the bottle in the PingAmor for TV Record
Jorge being interviewed for TV Record
Luckily for us, people started getting curious and wanted to give it a try
"Tangerines suffocate". Not sure what kind of love is this but it's probably hardcore
These nice guys took us out of our misery and taught us what "YOLO" really meant.
It was like coming out of a cave after a decade. Made us wonder if we're getting too old for this world.
Mara's birthday was in the day after this, so she kind of sent herself a pre happy birthday wish - but she didn't forget to say she loved her boyfriend too (he was with her).
This french girl was having trouble in thinking of something to write.
She ended up saying she was loving Lisbon. No one blames her
Jorge's beautiful calligraphy and the proof that a message in a bottle can be a work of heart (haha, see what we did there?)
Portuguese major newspaper Público picked it up. The story got 3000+ views. 
We also interviewed a mailman that, turned out, was the first black mailman ever to work in Portugal.
We couldn't believe our luck!
The interview for TV Record. Makes us wonder if they didn't find a caption image that featured us with our eyes open.
The kids from Colégio Galáxia Branca came to make a visit to drop by their bottles.
As a result, we sent them a thank you letter and named them official ambassators of the project...
... and gave them complimentary pins to make it official.
PingAmor.lx :: a love message in a bottle

PingAmor.lx :: a love message in a bottle

The PingAmor project tries to translate the idea of a "message in a bottle" into love for the environment, for Lisbon, and - why not - for a spec Read More


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