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TheWire • Elections 2018 & 2019

Assembly Elections 2018 + General Elections 2019 with TheWire

I worked with TheWire on an interface module that would report the assembly elections (2018) in 5 states of India. The design of the module was keeping in with the traditional news reporting that TheWire would do, but also with an overlay of information that stood out for each of the states.

The design of this elections module was done from the perspective of engaging the readers in more than just news and give them perspective on what the state was about. To this effect, for each of the states, the information that we designed for the readers was:
1. News Coverage in context of the state
2. Current state of the assembly
3. Key issues, and
4. Key personalities in each state

As an introduction on the landing page of TheWire, the reader would be given a brief overview of the elections, with a module which was prepared to report the 'live' state of the results.
The module as it appears on the landing page of TheWire
In the page dedicated to the assembly elections, the reader would be given a more detailed view of the elections itself, inviting the user to go deeper into individual states.
The page dedicated to Assembly Elections' coverage
Inside each of the state's pages, the reader could have a more detailed idea about the constituency, news coverage in that constituency, glaring issues and manifestos announced by the parties contesting.
The page dedicated to a state
General Elections 2019 Coverage

The Wire wanted to create a live feed of the daily news in the run-up to the elections. This feed would consist of feature items under the regular categories of news, analysis, opinions, polls (poll vault), prime time watch and special features such as 'Sadak Se Sansad', 'Arfa Ka India' and 'Modi's Marksheet'.
Poll Vault

The Poll Vault, which was a sub-module in the general elections module was supposed to be a live presentation of the election results. 

As the day of results progressed, this page would keep the user updated about the distribution of seats between parties and alliances. Additionally, one could tune into the Live feed of the coverage of elections by the staff. There was also the table of numbers for anyone interested in state-wise pictures. Additionally, the reactions from key personalities involved in the elections would also be shown.
TheWire • Elections 2018 & 2019

TheWire • Elections 2018 & 2019