Coat of arms of Alexander Eduard Petrov
We had the subject of Heraldry and we had the assignment to create a personal Coat of Arms for ourselves, or to visualize one, if we inherited one. The process went like this:
We needed to make a research into our family tree and find out stories about the establishers of our family tree. Usually the Coat of Arms depicts symbolically a story significant to the establishment of the family. Other options for the legend of the Coat of Arms are - pictorial representation of the family name, for instance if you are part of a family, called the Shepherds, the family Coat of Arms could be charged with shepherd, or a sheep. And the final option for the Coat of Arms, if you lack information for your family, is to make an allegorical representation of some attributes or faculties of your family or yourself.
Since my research on my family went nowhere I chose the last option and made a symbolical representation of my personal character. The elements of my Coat of arms (also called charges) had the following meaning:
Centaur armed with a bow, passant to the sinister, facing the dexter, aiming at the canton, the canton charged with a six sided mullet. The combination symbolizes the singular drive to achieve unity and wisdom, unrestrained by conventional morals, but bearing own understanding of good and evil.
The blazon (or heraldic description) of my Coat of arms would be:

Per pale Vert and Gules a sagittary passant to the sinister the head facing to dexter drawing toward the canton Argent, in canton a mullet of six points Or.
Crest: three mullets of six points appointé Or.

After the elements of the Coat of Arms were established I got to work on the visual side of things. I made initial sketches, and paintings with acrylics.
The latter was the finalized acrylic painting, and the one I submitted for the Heraldry exam. I didn't have a computer at that time, so I had to confine to traditional media.
When I got my computer back, I did more digital sketches and modifications of the basic elements, until the composition felt right.
The hatched version (or black version) of the Coat of Arms uses a system of hatches, that represent the true colors of the Coat of Arms, when there is no way to draw it in color.
The motto of the Coat of arms "Искра в мрака" is translated "A spark in the darkness", from bulgarian.
After I finished with the depiction of the Coat of Arms I decided to play with it, and tried to sculpt a relief version in Blender 3d software.