O Table
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Users can rotate the parts to transform the table for multiple functions. 
Also, the table can be easily moved by simply rolling it.

Plane table

The O Table serves as a standing table by adjusting the BAR to a horizontal position. 
The angle can be adjusted using the square wood clamp.



When the bar is oblique or perpendicular, 
the O Table serves as a hang-up or a decorative poster frame, etc.


The small O Table can be combined with the large O Table to form more than 
20 shapes with different functions and silhouette.


Sep 17 to 26th 2018
Seoul Design Cloud: Fashion Week was held at DDP.
Various fashion companies participated to express Dongdaemun in the exhibition. The O Table was used as a display shelf that blends in with clothes representing the Dongdaemun textile industry.

Displayed at Dongdaemoon design plaza
Jeongho Ko / Hyoungseop Kim / Heesoo Kim / Youngjik Lee
Picture by Hyunjun Lee

O Table