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    Illustrations for City Vision Magazine, Issue 8, titled Sick & Wonder
Illustrations for City Vision Mag, a free press magazine based in Rome 
involving trends, topics and debates about contemporary architecture 
and design. At its 8th edition, titled Sick & Wonder, the magazine highlights 
the aspects that led the global society to transitional "state of crisis", 
beyond which the future is unknown and depends on the final result
of that struggle between Good and Evil. 
The Two PolesAl di là del mondo degli opposti
Text by Enrico Pieraccioli and Claudio Granato 
"Totally immersed and at the center of a borderless
landscape where the eye does not perceive an end,
a limit, a border, in an area of Earth that has no language
and does not have a flag"
Sick & Wonder,  The Poles:  Oro Nero e bianco
Is possible to buy limited edition prints of this 
illustration from Atelier Olschinsky Art Store.
Sick & Wonder,  The Poles:  Forme di vita
Sick & Wonder,  The Poles:  DNA

Text by 
Sebastian di Guardo

"To realize the reality may be the ambiguity of man,
his show as it is, and it is the ongoing clash between
the two sides as a vortex from its movement creates
what is real, the real city."
Sick & Wonder,  Imaginary Cities:  Passato e Geometrie
Sick & Wonder,  Imaginary Cities:  Bucolico e Decadente
Sick & Wonder,  Imaginary Cities:  Cinema e Architettura
Is possible to buy limited edition prints of this illustration