I was commissioned to design Carl Cox’s new album. Intec Digital (his label) wanted a design with impact. I jumped at the opportunity. Carl's an ambassador when it comes to house music and one of the biggest DJ's in the world. Here's my design and illustration for the album and subsequent events. Pure Intec Two, Mixed By Carl Cox and John Rundell.
Intec’s slogan above inspired me to create an 'apocalyptic' London scene, the ground cracking and underground laid bare. I think it fits with the raw, and bass rich sound. The use of pure in the title gave rise to the idea of a graphite like texture applied to the work. Although dark, I wanted it to feel euphoric, to me house music is also about celebration. I used dramatic lighting to achieve the feel I was after.
A set of poster’s for nights off the back of the album.
Booklet spread.
CD 2 was mixed by Jon Rundell, his mix is heavier and more raw. To distinguish between the two CD’s and produce a visual contrast I created both night and day CD’s. 
     Behind the scenes - I used Cinema 4D to create my london scene and Zbrush to sculpt Carl from reference photo's...