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    logo design for a food site
"Γλυκό της Κυριακής" (Glyko tis Kyriakis - Sunday's Desserts) is a personal project that combines my love for gastronomy and design. It takes form in the same-named website, www.glykokyriakis.gr.
The present logo has been designed after three years of the site being public, after it matured, finalized and came to full working form.
Apparently, designing for one's self as a customer is a challenging task. The absence of external constraints and intervention provides much freedom, but at the same time it increases the demand, causes insecurity and often leads to a counterproductive working procedure.
The logo was born after the synthesis of three symbols: A cupcake, which symbolizes desserts, a spoon, which symbolizes the act of feeding, and the human profile of a cook which comes up as a result of the composition of the former two. The lines are freehand curved so as to provide organic unity and transpire the sweet and harmonious sense of "Γλυκό της Κυριακής".
the font  "σιροπιαστό.. μανατρίνι" is http://www.fonts2u.com/bptall.font/ http://backpacker.gr/