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    Tone Headphones brand development.
This university breif was written by Steve Menmuir from Equator Design in Nottingham. I had to create the identity, advertising campaign, packaging graphics, online presence and corporate stationary for a new brand of headphones. The new brand of headphones was to be aimed at a unisex audience aged between 16 and 24. I wanted to create a simple brand based around colour which is the reason that I named the brand 'Tone' because of the connotations it has with colour and music.
The idea behind Tone Headphones is to give each colour variation of the headphones its own identity. This was determined by the pantone reference of the main body of colour for each headphone. There are eight colour variations of the headphones, each with it's own unique name and colour palette. During this project I did two presentations, one at the half way point and another when the project was finished. For the final presentation I created 5 design boards that showcased the main aspects of the brand. Along with that I also created a book that showcased all aspects of the brand explaining each in full. The images below show the identity, colour theory, advertising campaigns, packaging graphics, online presence, corporate stationary and complete brand book. 
Colour Variations
Advertising Campaigns
Packaging Graphics
Online Presence
Corporate Stationary
Complete Brand Book