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    Kalahari Desert Speedweek 2012 - Hakskeenpan
The Kalahari Desert Speedweek is a motoring event that takes place on the Hakskeenpan, in the Northen Cape (South Africa). The inaugural Speedweek took place in September 2012, and saw hundreds of petrolheads flock to the 600 km² flat Pan, where over the next week, both cars and motorcycles would compete against the speedometer in an attempt to push their vehicles (and driving nerve) to the limits. This high speed event is set to become the new Bonneville, of land speed tests, with a new landspeed record being attempted here in 2013, by The Bloodhound Project. The fastest speed recorded in 2012, was set by Mr Andrew Van Zyl, on a Turbo-cahrged Suzuki Hayabusa (321 km/h).

These photographs were published in The Red Bulletin magazine, November 2012.
All photographs © Luke Daniel / Red Bull Media
Henry Buckley and his 1941 Ford Ratrod
Lamborghini Gallardo (298 km/h)
Discusing pre-run tactics, and the stability of their motorcycles on the Pan's sometimes unstable surface.
Dusk at Hakskeenpan
Last bit of advice from fellow rider, as Gavin Russel prepares to speed down the track on his green Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R, which ended up recording a speed of 292 km/h.
The door of a Ratrod hangs open, allowing a breeze to cool the driver, pre-run. Temperatures in this part of the Northern Cape rarely drop below 30 degrees celsius during the day.
1970's Ford Mustang emerges from a cloud of dust, after nudging just past 200km/h on the track.
A ratrod being serviced, after a long, grueling drive up to the event, all the way from Cape Town.
PD Van Der Westhuizen on his (stock) Suzuki Hayabusa, fitted with a modification which increases the vehicle's aerodynamics.
Speeding around the Pan at dusk.
Arrie De Beer brings his heavily modified 1985 Mazda RX-7 back to camp after hitting 274km/h on his final run.
Arrie De Beer and his 1985 Mazda RX-7
Ratrods and old-school motorcycles were paraded around the Speedweek.
A custom ratrod - a chopped-up pick-up truck from the 1940's.
Nicholas Baleta with his Ducati, which hit a speed of 211km/h
Two Birkin cars fly past at Sunset. Pupils from Emang Mmongo school and Floors High School in the Northern Cape built these cars in four months. The students got to experience Speedweek first-hand and witness their creations reaching speeds of up to 185 km/h.
Two turbo-charged go-carts from CAL racing.
The surface at Hakskeenpan
Graeme Neilson on his turbo-charged racing kart.
Barry Ashmole in a ratrod, before his run down the track.
1970's Ford Mustang at the campsite.
The Birkin cars head down the track.
Gerrit Van Der Merwe (right) provided musical entertainment out in the middle of nowhere.
Bhutana Duda, a student from Floors High School was able to hit 177km/h in the Birkin car he helped build.
Hakskeen Pan, Northen Cape, South Africa