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    Social documentary based in one of deprived areas of Belfast.
The greater village area is situated in south Belfast, bounded by Westlink to the north,
the main Belfast-Dublin railway line to east, Windsor Park to south, and Glenmachan Street to the west.
Majority of houses in the area was built between 1900 and 1931.
The Village has rich cultural history as well as it played its part during The Troubles,
some people claim that first attacks had place in this area.
Unfortunately poor housing stock, lack of investment and government policy encouraging families
to move new towns such as Lilburn, Bangor and Newtownards, has led to gradual decline in community.
Currently The Village is declared as Urban Renewal Area
and is a subject to redevelopment project under Housing Executive Northern Ireland,
Over next ten years all houses in the area are going to be either improved or demolished and new houses built.
Currently only twenty five percent of properties is occupied, burglary happens on daily basis,
and with hardly any neighbors around, people are afraid to open their doors.
Project "The Village People" records decline in the area,
people who still live there,
majority of those who were born and bred in there,
original house owners,
the last ones standing to where they belong...