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Declutter App Concept

Declutter is a mobile app that allows users to (1) set alarms based on their sleep cycles in a more organized and intuitive manner, (2) generate sleep soundtracks tailored to enhancing sleep quality, and (3) destress, decompress, and declutter at the end of the day by providing a platform for users to journal or create a to-do list.

1.0 Defining the Problem

TARGET AUDIENCE: University students.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: How Might We Better the Experience of Falling Asleep? With various deadlines to meet, fluctuating schedules, and extracurricular activities it is often difficult for students to develop and maintain good sleeping habits. Lack of sleep can decrease productivity, cognitive performance, and general health.

A. Objectives:
     1. Uncover key frustrations and pain points with regards to students’ sleep
     experience, how often they come across these problems, and how they currently
     overcome them
     2. Get an overarching idea of typical students sleep patterns and routines
B. Initial Assumptions:
     1. Most students, as a result of various deadlines and exams, tend to get very little sleep
     2. The majority of students probably stay up late and have trouble waking up for early morning commitments

2.0 User Research

Utilizing a discussion guide, my user research was conducted on a voluntary basis with three students at the University of California, Berkeley. Users were asked a series of questions about their sleep habits and routines. From the user research, I was able to create a current state journey map as well as a user persona to identify key opportunities for app ideation. Last names are omitted in order to preserve user anonymity and identity. 

USER 1 | Michelle, 4th Year studying Computer Science
USER 2 | Celine, 2nd Year studying Molecular and Cell Biology
USER 3 | Erica, 4th Year studying Chemistry 

2.1 Key Quotes from User Interviews

"I've always wanted to use an app to track my sleep...I know a lot of people use the fitbit." - Michelle
"I think getting good quality sleep is hard, especially as a student." - Celine
"I always destress by going to the gym and journaling. Otherwise, my mind feels too cluttered." - Celine
"I think following sleep cycles would be really useful if I didn't have to calculate them out or if I had a more regular schedule from day to day." - Erica​​​​​​​

3.0 Initial Concepts and Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

From my initial user research, I was able to begin app ideation. The key opportunities identified centered on providing a platform for users to decompress and declutter as well as a means for users to obtain better quality sleep. I decided to design an app that has three primary features: (1) allow users to set an alarm with suggestions for wake up times based on sleep cycles, (2) generate customized soundtracks with frequencies and melodies known to enhance quality of sleep, and (3) provide an easy to use and intuitive space for journaling and creating to-do lists - a platform for "decompressing and decluttering". For this reason, I decided to name the app "Declutter". I began with a series of sketches that I then turned into mid-fidelity wireframes. These mid-fidelity wireframes were then used in user testing.   
A. Set Alarm and Generate Sleep Track Wire Flow
B. Declutter Wire Flow

4.0 Usability Testing

User testing was conducted with 3 additional University of California, Berkeley students again on a voluntary basis. These students were given a scenario and 5 tasks to accomplish that required them to navigate through the mid-fidelity prototype of the app. Observations made from this round of user testing allowed me to implement higher fidelity changes to my mid-fidelity prototype and create an ideal state journey map as well as wireflow. Users were the following (last names are omitted to preserve student anonymity and identity):

USER 1 | Janet, 2nd Year Cognitive Science
USER 2 | Adrienne, 5th Year American Studies
USER 3 | Jarrod, 5th Year Cognitive Science and Computer Science

5.0 Ideal State Wire flow, Storyboard and Journey Map

6.0 App Iterations

7.0 High-Fidelity Prototype and Reflection

Utilizing the feedback I received from user testing, I was able to modify my mid-fidelity prototypes into high fidelity mockups. Within these high fidelity mockups, I incorporated more "clickability", some error messages, in addition to a more accessible calendar, the inclusion of sleep statistics within the calendar, a drop down menu for both the Sleep as well as Written histories, and a more intuitive "add" button. In future iterations of the prototype, I hope to incorporate more animated features. Moreover, within the journal and to-do list screens, the flow can still be improved upon so that the "declutter" feature of the app is more intuitive and streamlined. Currently, the flows for "Nap", "Sleep", and "Declutter" are relatively separate. I hope to find a better way to more fluidly move between the three flows. 
A. Set Alarm and Generate Sleep Track Wire Flow
B. Declutter Wire Flow
Declutter App Concept

Declutter App Concept

Declutter is a mobile app that allows users to set alarms based on their sleep cycles, generate sleep tracks to enhance sleep quality, and decomp Read More