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VFS Digital Design Microsite & Other Branches

VFS Digital Design is an umbrella department of Vancouver's technical school, VFS. The microsite was initiated to recognize Vancouver Film School Digital Design students and graduates. The goals are to engage the public with their projects, what they have done throughout the year, offer their expertise to a company, connect among themselves, and the creative community.


I focused on three main sections: the animated typeface project, on the wall artwork, and alumni portfolio directory. The animated typeface is a student collaborative on motion design, on the wall is an online student artwork gallery, and the alumni portfolio directory allows companies to connect with the graduates. During the build, I coded the temporary landing page to link to the main sections.

Checking the accessibility and web best practices



(I) Animated Typeface

Animated Typeface is a responsive and interaction-rich website showcasing VFS Digital Design students’ work in storytelling.

Web Design iterations executed based on feedback from the Project Lead, Head of Department, and Program Manager. I aligned feedback with my Lo-Fi wireframe proposal as the website grew with more items

(II) On the Wall

On the Wall is a collection of VFS Digital Design student’s artwork. This artwork was submitted and voted on by the students. The goal of this website was to engage students to share with their family, friends, peers, and the industry what they can create.

Previous interface’s thumbnail gallery - Artwork Gallery   /   Popup Overlay

The inherited UX/UI Web Design when I joined the company and me thinking of ways to reskin the experience with proper tech choice for performance.

(III) Alumni Portfolios

VFS Digital Design Alumni Portfolios' goal is to connect industry people with graduates. The directory allows recruiters to connect directly with the graduating class at the industry event or virtually through this directory.

Previous UX & UI   /   Hi-fidelity Prototype

Behind the Scenes:

Archived Real-world Project

Roles:          UI Developer / Classroom Assistant. Reality   =>   Jill of All Trades Operator - Roles: Content Strategist, Web UX/UI Designer, Front-end Developer., SEO Specialist, and Webmaster
Team:           Steph - See above and VFS Digital Design Alumni - Content Creators
Duration:     January 2012 - 2020

A working design system was on the horizon. Sidebar: The whole collection is an unexpected formation of Product Vision when revamping and organizing interface content.

5 WHYS for "VFS Digital Design Microsite & Other Branches:

     •   WHY? The product vision was to market VFS Digital Design umbrella brand exists under a school known for its game and film entertainment.
     •   WHY? The collection was initiated to recognize students and graduates.
     •   WHY? Demonstrate how many hats were worn for the visionary.
     •   WHY? Demonstrate the capability of collab and ownership.
     •   WHY? Get **** done.


     •   HOW? Trello, various coding platforms, persistence, success, and failures

VFS Digital Design Microsite & Other Branches


VFS Digital Design Microsite & Other Branches

VFS Digital Design Microsite & Other Branches was initiated to recognize students and graduates.