[005] The first wisdom tooth / 첫 사랑니 발치 후기
The first wisdom tooth
Hello, guys. Have you been well?
I got my wisdom teeth out for the first time.
A year ago, I found a wisdom tooth while brushing my teeth.
It was growing at a 45-degree angle.
As the wisdom tooth grew, the pain got worse and I had to pull it out.
The next day, I booked a professional dentist recommended by my friend, Dooboo.
(She really looks white like tofu.)
She said that dentist was very famous for pulled out wisdom teeth quickly.
And I asked everyone I met, 'Have you ever pulled out your wisdom tooth?'
At last, the day of reservation!
I brushed my teeth and followed the map app to the dentist.
And I hesitated for a long time at the entrance to the dentist.
(All my friends said pulling wisdom teeth is like experiencing hell.)
After taking the CT picture, the doctor told me that all four of my wisdom teeth existed.
Besides, I found the other three teeth are still in the bone, 
and today's getting my wisdom teeth are very close to the nerves.
It means I have to feel this pain three more times... help...
My hands were shaking, but i signed the consent form.
After that, I anesthetized my gums.
And it felt like someone was touching my gums clockwise...
My face was covered with medical cloth so I couldn't see, and I was getting scared.
I could feel everything. 
Especially, the sound of drill breaking down wisdom teeth was the most horrible...
Lastly, I heard the some cautions after put my gums stitch up.
And than I got my medicine prescribed at the pharmacy and came back home.
After that, I couldn't open my mouth temporarily, so I could eat after six hours.
I've been eating porridge for 5 days now, and I think...
Fxxxing wisdom tooth...

I used the translator. 
Please understand if the grammar is wrong. :)
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[005] The first wisdom tooth / 첫 사랑니 발치 후기

[005] The first wisdom tooth / 첫 사랑니 발치 후기