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Brice Brown "BricesDesigns" | Self Branding
Brice Brown "BricesDesigns"
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When sketching I tried various designs. They range from personality concepts such as the model of an atom to the letterform "B." After browsing Behance and dribble I decided to attempt more freeform letters and a couple stuck out to me.
I found that this shape of the "B" spoke the most to me. I wanted to logo not to be a clique but also have significance to me. The logo as elegant curves that give it a modern-creative appeal. There is a raindrop-like shape in the upper left or the top part of the B. This pays homage to my lifestyle of always drinking water, to the point when friends sometimes call me "Water Boy."
I was originally going to go with a fluorescent pink to the logo, however, after deliberation with friends and colleagues we deemed it too feminine. This is due to the color's psychology of pink being a female color but also the curves of the logo itself. I decided on the yellow on the dark indigo background as it is vibrant and bold. 
Business Cards
Before making the logos I made 3 patterns to use in the logos, however, none of them made it into the final design. Instead, the cards feature miscellaneous designs I settled on a background graphic that consists of my logo rotated four times on its self for the front design. The back design was a more tricky process. It started off with a pattern and type but the pattern was too dated and the type itself was a bit too small to read. After refining the cards a bold and modern design was created to be printed on a 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm card.
Logo Creative Alternatives
I decided to showcase how versitalie my logo can be. This will be useful in various personal projects I do as a nice way to watermark my logo. The five different styles can demonstrate different environments it can be in, photo manipulation, abstract, to retro.
Brice Brown "BricesDesigns" | Self Branding

Brice Brown "BricesDesigns" | Self Branding

After a long while of having a koala illustration as my profile picture/logo, I decided to rebrand myself. Alongside this new identity, I am havi Read More