Portrait of Amanda Palmer, in response to her Kickstarter Campaign.
"I'm glad so many people saw it" - Neil Gaiman
Amanda Palmer managed to raise a whopping $1.2million via her Kickstarter project; I backed this campaign.
I broke into my savings and mustered enough cash to bag one of the $300 packages. Like many others I stayed up half the night watching the live feed of the countdown party, so excited about being part of this global community. Next day I channeled this ENOOOORMOUS feeling into painting a portrait of the incredible woman, by way of tribute.
Two weeks later I came to be standing before her, the painting still damp, in my hands, and ready to be signed, whilst Neil Gaiman snapped our photo on his phone. I didn't think anything could eclipse this, but once Amanda very kindly allowed me to display the piece alongside the rest of the work in the pop up gallery, I was in for an even bigger surprise.
Two nights later I returned to the same venue for killer sets from bandmate Jherek Bischoff, comedian Andrew O'Neill, as well as Amanda and the Grand Theft Orchestra. After the gig, I retrieved my painting from backstage and was heading for the door. Neil caught sight of me and my copious amounts of baggage. ‘Oh, are you off?’ he enquired, and I answered that yes, I was—I needed to get the last train, etc. He checked I had my painting, and then! Something I did not expect... He gave me a massive hug. It wasn’t a quick squeeze or a half hearted pat on the back, it was the kind of hug your parents give you when they’re really proud.
Sure enough, he said ‘Well done, Tiffany, I’m glad so many people saw it’. ‘Me, too’ I stuttered to his retreating frame, and barely managed to get myself and the painting outside the venue before bawling my eyes out.