UNTAP [untact + happy]
untact* white cane for blind people.
*(untact is a compound word of un+ contact,
meaning that it will not contact others.)
Unwanted help can hurt someone.
'can I help you?' is says a word of compassion for people who are blind,
It can give them emotional stress such as self-destruction.​​​​​​​
They are also independent people who can ask for help if they need it.
That's why it proposes an untact device that
can prevent emotional stress by reducing contact with others.
The usage is simple.
You can turn on the gimber laser.
If you turn on this laser, the phrase "needn't help" will be displayed based on your toes.
even if move the white cane, the gimber laser detects the tip of the user's foot and holds the laser in one place.
This facilitates selective disconnecting with other people by indicating their intention with an untact device.
Of others a helping hand, go turn off the laser selectively when they don't care.
UNTAP (blind cane)