ŠKODA 120L (1979)
Dear colleagues ;)
My primary focus is modeling and texturing.
I have never modeled a detailed model car.
When I see a nicely detailed model of a car, I feel major respect for it.
If I am to consider myself a modeler, I must be able to do that too. :)

And so I have set a private goal to make a car model in my spare time.
The choice fell on 1979 Škoda 120L. I have chosen this particular car because I am Czech and that car had great success in Czechoslovakia back then. And abroad as well. It wasn‘t high quality but it was popular. :) Plus Czech Republic and Slovakia celebrate a 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia‘s foundation this year. (28.10.1918)
(Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore, it ceased to exist on 31.12.1992 and on 1.1.1993 split to Czech Republic and Slovak Republic – just a little geographical and historical interlude :) )

Because I said that I have a major respect for car modeling, first I had to find something to help me model the car. And I did. I thought why not take pictures and create a scanned reference when I can work with CapturingReality.

1) The first thing to do was find a well preserved car in the most original state possible. After a two week search I finally found the ideal car and a person willing to let me photograph it.

2) Taking pictures of the car in order to capture all the details and getting images for reference 3D model of the car. The photoshoot took me about 2.5 hours. The pictures had to meet certain rules that I had figured out working with CapturingReality.
In this case the car had to be slightly dusty and standing in a wide open space to eliminate reflections from the paint. A field is perfect for these kind of shots. :) All it takes is to drive the car around there a little bit to get it dusty and it also provides a wide space.

3) Creating models of the car in CapturingReality. Interior, exterior, wheels, engine, doors…

4) Importing the models into Cinema 4D

So much for preparation and I could dive into modeling in Cinema 4D R20. I was working on this whole project for two months as my free time allowed. Sometimes I would get into the work „tunnel vision“ and go up to 30 hours without sleep with occasional breaks. This can only be done on weekends of course.

I wanted to have the car done down to the tiniest details. But I do have to admit that I don’t have the engine quite finished. My plan is to finish it so the car is complete. (this car has its engine in the back, trunk is in the front)

Even so, the car is very detailed. The interior contains almost everything that could have been put in there. Including the optional vertical central radio tunnel (the radio is not there, it’s capped :) )

I‘m adding a few renders and screenshots from the work process and one picture from the photoshoot.

If anyone is interested about the time frame, how many hours this project took:

Photoshoot: 2.5 hours (approx. 1,600 pictures taken)
Work in CapturingReality: 6 hours (8 models made)
Work in Cinema 4D R20: 163 hours
Texturing, C4D, Rizom UV, Photoshop, Substance Painter: 22 hours

Used Software:
Cinema 4D R20, Corona Render for C4D, Photoshop, CapturingReality,
Rizom UV, Substance Painter, HDRi Haven

Great thanks goes to Greg Zaal for his HDRi Haven.
HDRi Haven are used in all the renders and backplates in some.
Many thanks Greg. I use your HDRi daily ;)
I’m a patron and I will happily continue to support.

If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. ;)
Thank you and take care.

Some models in CapturingReality, and modeling in CINEMA 4D R20
Real photo, Škoda 120L on filed when ptohoshooting :)
First models and render in the project :)
Import model to Houdini, for testing ;)
ŠKODA 120L (1979)

ŠKODA 120L (1979)

SKODA 120L (1979) - 3D model