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    "Todo hombre debería preguntarse cual es su lugar en el Universo y soñar con alcanzar las estrellas" Aurelio Monge
"Todo hombre debería preguntarse cual es su lugar en el Universo
y soñar con alcanzar las estrellas"
-Aurelio Monge-
Universis Ex Homo
© 2013
Lost Among the Stars
Those giant spinning wheels in space,
spinning stars like spider’s lace,
will they miss my upturned face,
when my soul has left this place?
Sky (Celeste)
“El Universo a través del home”
El animal humano (Homo Sapiens), desde que adquiere pleno uso de razón, es consciente de us existencia, de que existe el ser y de que existe el Universo. Esta deducción le lleva a pre- guntarse, en algún momento de su vida, quién es, de donde viene y cuál es su lugar en el Universo.
El don de la razón y la abstracción del Homo Sapiens le lleva a imaginar e idear respuestas ante el vacío de conocimiento y siente la necesidad de crear, de dar un propósito a la vida, a su existencia. De la ignoracia más absoluta surge la idea de un dios creador bajo la intuición de que hay algo intangible que une al hombre con el Universo.
Pero sólo el conocimiento hace libre al hombre y desde el mo- mento en que entiende que sus átomos fueron una vez polvo de estrellas, siente ese vínculo entre la energía y la materia de la que está formado el Universo y comprende que el viaje no ha terminado.
-Mi serie In Aeternum pretende mostrar la relación del hombre con el Universo. Una mirada al infinito bajo el anhelo de alcan- zar la eternidad.
“We are only travelers in endless space.”

-Aurelio Monge-
“The Universe through man”
The human animal (Homo sapiens), since it takes full use of rea- son, is aware of us there, that there be and there is a universe. This deduction leads you to wonder, at some point in his life, who he is, where he comes from and what is their place in the Universe.
The gift of reason and abstraction of Homo Sapiens takes you to imagine and devise responses to the knowledge gap and feel the need to create, to give a purpose to life, to its existence. Ab- solute ignorance of the idea of a creator god under the intuition that there is something intangible that unites man with the Universe.
But knowledge alone makes man free, and from the moment you understand that their atoms were once stardust, feels that link between energy and matter from which the universe is formed and understands that the journey is not over.
-My In Aeternum series aims to show the relationship between man and the universe. A look at the infinite under the longing for eternity.
“We are only travel travelers in endless space.”
-Aurelio Monge-
The universe is a solid emptiness, a bizarre event, an issuance of energy witnessed as colossal globes of constellations floating in a sea of swelling space in such numbers and dimensions as to dwarf our modest comprehension.
This peculiar enterprise which defies the logic of our eyes is a Chinese box of concentric worlds each inside of one another that extends in all directions ad infinitum.
This swirling spectacle fills our night skies with stars like strings of pearls and has its center everywhere in this strange conundrum.
This cabinet of curiosities expands in some exotic vacuum void where alchemist’s tricks are employed.
How else to explain why all the light of refracted prisms is detained in black hole prisons.
And what of missing matter’s weight, and the fate of red giant stars those enormous bloated monstrosities?
I am what is being experienced, the universe foused in the eye of the beholder.
There is a quality of sensation left as myself, which like the “I” of the hurricane is a calm center of awareness.
The exact point of myself in this calm is held as if it were in a black hole, where my purest reality cannot escape itself.
The Absolute.
I am tethered to the Absolute by the cord of consciousness.
Again and again I gaze hard at my reflection in the looking glass.
Then blink without acknowledgement for my stare reveals no one is there.
All descriptions of me are like barnacles attached to me, for nothing is really mine. My name is a word like any other sound, which when repeated blurs to babble.
My pride enjoys the false luxury of vanity, a cosmetic decoration that casts me into the farthest ring of self- delusion.
I distract myself with novelties. But they are not me.
I identify myself with follies. But they are not me. I am an accomplice to my own ignorance. Under the magnifying glass of attention, my personality has the permanence of fog.
I communicate with myself in monologue. My questions echo in my mind. All this thinking exhausts me and I must rest. But who falls asleep and dreams?
-Duane Michals-
Questions without answers (2001)