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    Re-contextualizing traditional knowledge of the beneficial properties of 10 Indian kitchen spices for health and well being.
A Pinch for Good Health
Book of Spices and Book of Remedies

In India, spices have centuries of embedded cultural knowledge. Yet, as something we use every day in our lives, most of us know very little about their properties – traditional knowledge that is slowly being forgotten.

A Pinch for Good Health presents traditional and modern information on the beneficial properties of spices and how they can be used to treat symptoms of common illnesses in children and adults. The aim of the books is to simplify and visualize relevant information for easy reading, retaining and recalling.
The primary audience of the books is new parents and young adults. Because of changing family systems, older generations are no longer around to pass on these oral traditions of knowledge and practice. The books become a tangible source of the subject to refer to and rely on; also having the option to add one’s own familial words of advice and tips.
The books were written, compiled and illustrated as part of a 6-month Graduation Project. Currently seeking publishers.