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From concept through to implementation and delivery my goal is to provide you with my best in design, copy writing, copy editing, production including print coordination, estimating, budgeting, and press supervision.
Domus Marketing Brochure
Involvement: concept, design and production including photography, photo research and illustration.
COREStaff Marketing Collateral System
Purpose: to visually unify several different companies under one umbrella
Involvement: Concept, creative direction, design and production including a pre-press and print supervision.
Intercal Marketing Brochure
Purpose: to highlight companies services and capabilities in providing calibration
Involvement: concept, design, production including print coordination and press check.
Continental Airlines Marketing Brochure
Purpose: to highlight the proximity of Newark to NYC
Involvement: Concept, design, photo illustrations, photo retouching, production and press checks
Toyota Motors Marketing Brochures
Purpose: market the different levels of auto insurance being offered
Involvement: Concept, design, production and press checks.