Anka Blank: Idea, product design, naming, logo, packaging design.
Anka Blank: Responsible for production and delivery.
                    Including delivery via ship containers to the US.
Producer of boxes: F. Carl Schröter, Germany, Hamburg.

The BeautyBox has been produced et al. for the customer Douglas Perfumery Europe and USA.

BeautyBox - For individual storage in style - 

Timeless in design. Exclusive in every detail.

You care for your own perfect look.
From eyeliner and lipstick to the matching nail gloss. Everything is part of your personality.
You can keep all these necessities in a compact box. 
•  Four containers allow various individual storage. 
A unique solution in high grade quality, making this beauty box a timepiece for everlasting daily use. 
The variable Beauty Box. Approved craftsmanship. Precious in color.
Material: steel coated with powdered pigment.

"Beauty Box"

"Beauty Box"

Beauty Box for individual storage in style. The variable Beauty Box. Timeless in design. Approved craftsmanship, steel coated with powdered pigme Read More


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