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    Basic weaves for a project held in Srishti school of art, design and technology, portraying the true, raw essence of marketplaces in India.
Nazaakat. Sitaare. Rangeela

Handloom weaving is widely practiced all over India and sarees from each state bear different qualities in terms of texture, technique, colour and pattern. This is a handloom weaving project that draws inspiration from the bazaars of India (market places). Today, grocery shopping has simply become a routine activity, however years ago, market places had a quality of their own. In the dustiest of places, colourful shops used to pop up, with people selling the most random goods, vendors yelling out prices and people bargaining. There was a magic of  a certain kind. This collection of weaves aims at touching upon that very essence. It takes inspiration from the dark dusty and earthy tones of the land, to the bright shiny glass bangles and jewellery that was sold as well as the nomadic gypsies that came to sell their goods and all the people who came to explore. 
Four major weave swatches have been woven using simple handloom weaving techniques on an eight shaft loom as a part of this collection. Each weave was planned and created taking inspiration from the photos. The warp was created, the loom was drafted, weave peg plans were plotted and cloth was woven all derived from the look and feel of a bazaar. The first weave showcases the bangle shop, the next two the colours and texture of the dusty undertones of the market place and the fourth is a woven representation of the photograph on the right.  All the images used as inspiration are found images. The swatches have been woven by hand using embroidery thread, sewing thread and cotton threads of different ply.

Mind map for the collection
Inspiration boards.
Texture inspiration board.
Initial weave exploration swatches.
The final set of weaves was created taking inspiration from three individual photographs.